Twitter REST API

We need a small REST API called randock-api, with just one endpoint: Given a Twitter username and a number N, returns a JSON response with user’s last N tweets in uppercase.

  • Feel free to use any frameworks or libraries you may need, even to communicate with Twitter.
  • If you want to use a framework, take into account that we use Symfony3 for PHP projects.
  • Your application should not save anything to MySQL or to any other relational DB.


  • Improve your application’s speed by using a cache.

We like clean code:

  • Code tested with unit-testing and integration testing.
  • Usage of architectures and paradigms like Hexagonal Architecture and DDD.
  • Usage of design patterns.
  • Show off!

Send your application in a compressed file (ZIP, RAR…) and add a small README with:

  • Introduction to the technologies, architecture and design patterns you’ve used.
  • Problems you’ve run into.
  • Time you’ve spent completing this test. (Don’t worry even if you think it’s a lot, or not too much.

Thanks and good luck!