Are you in need of some extra hands, either part-time or fulltime? We can help you out! We have a diverse group of developers available to complete your team. We focus on quality and continuity, while providing you with excellent developers. With Development Support, you are in charge of managing and leading the developers. We do provide easy tools to do so. We also monitor the progress our developers make and can help you set up a workflow that works for you.

What We Do For You

We are focused on providing high quality developers and to support you in getting the most out of it. We don’t just provide you with developers; we don’t think that’s the right way to work.


No matter what option you choose, we will always be available to talk about your wishes and needs. We proactively monitor our developers, to make sure they deliver high quality code. We also make sure they are happy and motivated with what they are doing, so you get the best results.


Our developers are constantly trained. From a new technique or piece of software to social and communicative skills: we make sure our developers have the knowledge they need to work for you.

We also make sure our developers have the possibility to spar with their colleagues about whatever they are working on, so they don’t develop a tunnel vision or draw blanks. This way, they can also lean on the experience of many and come to a better solution than they would have come up with by themselves.


With Development Support, you are in charge of managing your project. We do help you set things up and provide you with best practices. If you don’t have time to manage your project, we can always do this for you.

What Options Are There

Our Development Support comes in two flavors: Flex and Fulltime. If you’re looking for a developer to – for example – do maintenance on a project, or if you don’t have a need for fulltime developers, flex is for you. If, on the other hand, you do need fulltime support, have a look at our fulltime offerings.


With our flexible support, you have one or more developers available for you during a preset number of hours each week. The developers will be available for you exclusively, so you can make optional use of your time.

You still get our quality control, continuity and your developers will still be trained and assessed. We do have a minimum number of hours (16 per week), because we can’t provide the service and support we want otherwise.


Our developers are available for you fulltime, if you wish. If you are in need for one or more developers to complete your team, you’ve come to the right place. Our developers are highly trained and our workflow has been proven to be successful.

We select the developers that we think will work the best on your project, both experience as interest wise. We monitor the quality and progress our developers make, to guarantee we’re doing everything we can to make your project successful.

What Does It Cost

We know this is important and you want to know how much it will cost you, but bear with us for a minute. We provide high quality, supervised and managed development support. We are not an outsourcing agency, nor are we in the business of just providing you with a developer. We provide flexible development power for a very attractive price. Our prices are not a one size fits all solution, so we can’t provide you with exact pricing without knowing more about your project first.

The exact hourly rate we agree upon depends on a number of factors, including the number of developers you require, the duration and the required expertise. You can expect the hourly rate to be between € 35 and € 75 per hour per developer.

Let’s make a comparison by price between a developer you could hire yourself, for example in The Netherlands, and a developer you can hire through us.

Own developer per monthOur developer per month
Salary€5000,00€40,00 per hour
Equipment write-off€140,00included

As you can see, prices are about the same. But don’t forget: you don’t need to put our developers on your payroll, you don’t have any long-term commitment, nor do you need to worry about sick leave, providing an inspiring environment et cetera.

Furthermore, working with us has a few advantages that directly affect the cost. Because we have a large team of developers, with different areas of expertise, we can maintain a higher standard. This means fewer bugs, which means fewer hours spent.

It also allows us to work around challenging technical issues quicker, because there is bound to be an expert on the field in our company. This allows us to get the project shipped quicker, which ultimately leads to lower costs.