IT Recruitment // Staffing

IT recruitment in Spain and Portugal for northern European countries.

We are specialised in recruiting JAVA, SCALA, Node.js, AngularJS and PHP professionals. We are IT Professionals ourselves and are located in Valencia (Spain).

Recruitment and staffing solutions:

  • Recruitment only: candidates go to country/location of client.
  • Recruitment and management by Randock in Valencia. Candidates are on the payrol of the client, daily management by Randock.
  • Recruitment and management by client. Candidates are on payrol of the client and works from the Randock office in Valencia.
  • Staffing in Valencia. Candidates on payrol Randock. Client pays per hour or month. Management by client or Randock.

Our clients are multinationals and IT development agencies in the Netherlands, France and Spain.

Our office in Valencia

The Randock office is located in the center of Valencia, 5 minutes walk from metro station Àngel Guimerà and only 20 minutes from Valencia airport.
The office is equipped with fiber internet and a good coffee machine.

Candidates relocating to country of client

In case candidates are relocating to the country of the clients they will get full support from the client and/or Randock. The first month candidates get free housing and help with finding a suitable place to stay. On arrival the candidate gets help and support with administration an tax issues.
When relocating to the country of the client they will be on the payrol of the client and get paid according to the country standards.

Why Randock

  • We are developers.
  • Longterm experience in recruiting and staffing.
  • We work according the highest possible standards.
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